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Our Story

翰衡(上海)工程设计有限公司「SWS Group 」成立于 2018 年,是行业领先的建筑、室内、软装一体化设计解决方案提供商。公司拥有全世界近 250 名优秀设计师,2018 年起,业务规模每年达 80% 的增长率。累计营业额 6 亿,累计缴税近 1 亿。


SWS Group was established in 2018 and is the industry's leading provider of integrated design solutions for architecture, interior and FF&E. The company has nearly 250 outstanding designers all over the world. Since 2018, the business scale has reached an annual growth rate of 80%. The cumulative turnover is 600 million, and the cumulative tax payment is nearly 100 million.

SWS Group focuses on providing architectural, interior, FF&E, and landscape design services; maintains long-term strategic cooperation with multiple international and domestic developers and hotel management groups to provide owners with high-quality design solutions; actively explore urban renewal and old renovation projects Design consulting services.

Complete Solutions

SWS Group 作为一家综合性设计公司,在咨询、策划、城市规划、建筑、景观、室内、软装陈设和艺术品展示项目上经验丰富,提供方案设计到施工的一体化专业化解决方案,为文化商业、酒店度假、创新零售与艺术空间等领域提供设计咨询与服务。翰衡设计生态链下设多个业务单元,包括躺赢家具服务品牌,文武长租公寓服务品牌,它们均由「翰衡设计研发中心」提供设计与技术支持,从而构建起了从设计到运营的多场景设计服务能力。

As a comprehensive design company, SWS Group has rich experience in consulting, planning, urban planning, architecture, landscape, interior, soft furnishings and artwork display projects. It provides integrated professional solutions from plan design to construction. Provide design consulting and services in areas such as commerce, hotel resorts, innovative retail and art spaces. There are many business units under the Hanheng design ecological chain, including Laiying furniture service brand, Wenwu long-term rental apartment service brand, all of which are provided by the "Hanheng Design and R&D Center" to provide design and technical support, thus building a structure from design to operation Multi-scenario design service capabilities.

      咨询           策划            建筑              景观

Consulting   Planning   Architecture    Landscape  

      室内设计         软装         艺术装置

Interior  Design    FF&E    Art Installation

Competitive Advantages


SWS Group 目前拥有 200 余位国内外主营业务从业员工,一个研发中心,八大事业部,30 余个服务小组,12余年的核心团队行业平均从业年限,5000 余国内国际综合类项目成功案例。我们重视资深行业从业者,也期待年轻活力的设计力量,SWS Group 持续欢迎着越来越多国内外优秀人才的加入。

SWS Group currently has more than 200 domestic and foreign employees in the main business, a research and development center, nine business departments, 30 service teams, a core team of more than 12 years, the average industry experience, and more than 5,000 cases of comprehensive projects. We value senior industry practitioners and lookforward to young and energetic design forces.


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