Our Story

SWS is an international architectural practice which is always in pursuit of the theory of 'emotional architecture', and aspires to go farther on the path of academic research and achieve business excellence.


SWS is currently based in Shanghai with Sub-offices in Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. SWS gathers more than 100 professionals who work on projects of hotels, retailing, offices, hotels and residential around the world.

Our Vision

SWS focuses on the 'avant-garde' design theory, also employs the ideology 'humanities, technology, environmental protection and sustainability' as its design guideline, so to produce a unique oriental lifestyle and an identity of 'Harmony Thought'. SWS combines the regional culture of the project with its local modern lifestyle, to ensure each project has its unique label. 
SWS believes that research is a powerful tool as each project has a unique background. A critical probing into the specificities of program, site, function, and history is essential to the creation of rigorous design work.  Based on research, SWS desires to anchor its work on the dynamic interaction of experience, detail, material, form, and light rather than conforming to a formulaic style. 

SWS provides a broad variety of design services such as urban planning, architectural design, interior design, resort design and FF&E design. SWS has been featured widely by the press around the world and their design has been recognized by a number of prestigious international design awards.SWS has formed intimate partnerships with many international well-known developers and has constructed a quality control system. SWS prefers to resolve actual problems of each customer while achieving enterprise value.


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