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Based in Shanghai SWS is an international architectural practice which is always in pursuit of the theory of 'emotional architecture' which emphasizes the emotional expression of modern architecture and humanity for its dwellers and users.


This style without being stylish seduces a clientele wanting to live in contemporary interiors as well as holding on to the excellence of the SWS furnishing tradition.


SWS provides a broad variety of design services in urban planning, architectural and interior design, which includes hotel and resort design, cultural and educational sector, health industry, and commercial estate, etc. Moreover, SWS is quite active in participating in international competitions in developing countries including some non-profit projects.

SWS GROUP is comprised of an international design team, which gathers designers from different backgrounds with multi-cultural collisions that would come to a more unique and mature solution.


These inspirations can be multiple and at times paradoxical. They nurture a fine style which reveals itself in time and space. Projects are dotted around the globe, in places from far-away islands to the great metropolis, from chalets at the top of a mountain to penthouses.


SWS GROUP is in the pursuit of ’emotional architecture‘ concept of an international construction firm. In the highly developed material and network in the Twenty-first Century, the balance of the pursuit of emotional expression of modern architecture and human care for the living and users.

Straight from the beginning, a thought process about design drawing on natural materials and excellent workmanship matches a concept that privileges arts and crafts in the spirit and tradition of modernism.


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